Saturday, May 22, 2010

"two sticks" aka....11 months

Libbi Jane, you are 11 months old today or as Daddy likes to say, "two sticks!"  I know I say this every month, but I seriously can NOT believe that in one month we will be celebrating your first birthday!  It doesn't matter that I have been planning it for months, it still feels like it snuck up on me :)

This is what you've been up to this month....

*You still wear a size three diaper and you are wearing size 12-18 month clothes.  You wear a size three shoe (when you will keep them on your feet) and you still love to pull out your hairbows :) Although, you did sport your first set of pigtails this month and you left those in for a while....maybe you just like things to feel even ;0)

*As we all know, you have really been working on those facial expressions.  You have turned into quite the little crowd pleaser - ha!
*You love your Daddy, but you are definitely a Momma's girl.  I know that this may change one day, so I am just soaking up every bit of you that I can!  I love when you reach for me and when you say, "Mama."  There is no sweeter sound on this earth.
*You have really started to enjoy reading books this month. You love to snuggle up with me and read. You will go get books off your shelf and bring them to me to read.  Some of your favorites are "Whose Teddy?" "Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes" "Olivia's Opposites" and "You are My I Love You"

*You have started giving "sugars" and blowing kisses.  We are working on giving "closed-mouth-sugars" but for now we all enjoy your open-mouth-sloppy-wet-kisses :)

*You say Ma-Ma, Da-Da, Bye, Hey, Night-Night (Ni-Ni) No, no, no, no and some form of usually get the "uh" or the "oh" but not both.

*You have started to take a few steps and I know it won't be long before you are walking everywhere! You stand up on your own for a good period of time and just the other day you turned and started walking.  I about passed out!  Luckily, your Mimzy was here to witness it and then you did it again when Daddy came home...otherwise I'm sure everyone would have thought I was exaggerating (I may be known for doing that juuuuuust a little - ha!) ;)

*You have a little toy that you love to push around.  It looks like a buggy from the grocery store.  You look so cute when you are walking around with it....we call you our little bag lady.

*You still do not nap, which can make for some exhausting days, BUT you are a fantastic sleeper at night!  You will usually take one early afternoon "catnap" for about 15-20 minutes and that is it.  On the days that you do not nap AT are ready for bed around 5:45.  You will go get your lovey and your paci and lay your head down.  That is how we know you are ready for "night-night."  I take you upstairs and we read two books and sometimes a Bible Story, too.  Then we say our prayers and I lie you down in your bed.  You burrow up and are asleep before I even make it downstairs - no crying!  You sleep around 12 hours until I have to wake you up for school. just three more days we will not be waking up for school anymore!!!!  Maybe you will decide to sleep in until 7:30 or 8 (hint, hint) :)

* You had your first stomach bug this month, but according to Daddy you are MUCH tougher than I am.  Stomach bugs (or even the THOUGHT of them) put me out of commission for on the other hand went right about your business.  No bug was gonna slow you down.  You did live in pajamas for a few days because you couldn't be trusted in any other outfit and you didn't have much of an appetite, but other than that you were still your happy, bubbly self.

*Today you started going from the sitting to standing position without pulling up on anything!  You were so proud of yourself, you kept laughing and clapping your hands!  Or maybe you were just trying to cover your ears because I was squealing so loud - ha! :) For some reason, you thought that your little book helped you stand so you kept crawling over to it and using it as a "prop."  (I will post a video of you standing at the end of this!)
You are learning and growing every day and it is amazing to watch you change right before my eyes. Even though it seems like this month you have become such a "big girl," it is still hard for me to believe that in just one month we will be celebrating your first birthday!  My prayer for you in your eleventh month of life is that you will know that your Daddy and I will always, always love you.  No matter what you decide to do with your life, no matter what choices you make, no matter who you become....I will always be your Momma and I will always love you!  
Thank you Lord for our sweet, sweet baby girl!  What a blessing you have been to us these past eleven months!  I love you Libbi Jane!!
Look what you learned to do....TODAY!!! :)