Monday, April 4, 2011

33 weeks....

Pregnancy Highlights:

How far along: 33 weeks!!! (as of Friday 4/1)
someone wanted to be included in the pictures.... ;)

Size of Baby: According to Baby CenterBaby Tippins "weighs a little over 4 pounds and has passed the 17 inch mark.  He/She is rapidly losing that wrinkled, alien look and his/her skeleton is hardening."  (now doesn't that just sound precious - ha!)

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I am within the healthy/recommended limits of weight gain - and that's as much as I'll disclose ;) I do feel like my face is starting to catch up with my belly though, I am definitely one of those people that gets the "pregnant face"
 and I'm not too proud to admit it. :) 

Maternity Clothes: yes, please! :) I wear mostly maternity jeans and pants, but a few of my regular shirts still.  Some of my dresses have now turned into shirts - ha!
My clothes choices are becoming slim pickin's...I have either grown too big for them or have grown just plain sick of them! And funny enough, I always wear maternity clothes in public, but when I'm at home I will wear more of my regular clothes  - not sure why.....I just do. :)

Gender: Only the good Lord knows....Up until last week I was pretty much convinced that we were having a girl.  I just felt sure of it.  Then, for some reason, this week I've started to worry, "what if???" because I have totally prepared (in my mind and in my meek attempts at planning) for a girl, but I need to get on the ball with my boy planning....just in case.  I'm happy to say that I have totally "beefed up" my boy "to-buy" list. (Jeffrey, just ignore that part - mmmk?)

Movement: All the time.  It's definitely more of the jab/punch/kick variety.  I have to admit, although I LOVE feeling the baby move and knowing that he/she is so active, it still kind of weirds me out a little bit when I can tell that there is a distinct knee/elbow/booty sticking out of my stomach.  

Sleep: non-exsistent. I had horrible insomnia when I was pregnant with Libbi, and it looks like the trend is continuing (BOO!) Libbi is (thankfully) back on track with her sleeping, but I'm still the consummate night owl..... It's not so much the insomnia that bothers me - as weird as that may sound - it's more of the discomfort.  If I could at least be comfortable in my own bed then it wouldn't be so bad.  I have been taking one tylenol (not PM....just regular tylenol for all the aches/pains/restless leg syndrome) before I go to bed at night and that seems to help (Thanks for the suggestion Beth!) ;0)

What I miss: bending over - ha!  my energy level, and just feeling comfortable in general.  There are SO many things that I want to get done, but I just don't have the energy/motivation some days.  By the end of the day I am 100% completely exhausted, but yet, I can't sleep....
Cravings: Candy.  I have eaten tons of starburst jellybeans and airheads - ha!  Candy has been my friend this week.  I'm sure my teeth will thank me when I go to the dentist for my next checkup after eating all of this ice and candy.  I just try not to think about it.  

Symptoms: insomnia, shortness of breath, and heartburn.  I've also had a serious case of "the dropsie's" this week.  I am the epitome of butterfingers.  Getting up to use the potty at least three-four times a night, along with restless leg syndrome and the ever popular calf cramps (no wonder I can't sleep!)

Best Moment This Week: Just knowing that we're getting closer and closer to meeting our new baby!  (which just so happened to simultaneously be the best and scariest moment this week!) ;0)  

And....thank you all so much for your input on possible baby boy bedding.... I think I have made my decision! :)
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