Wednesday, September 7, 2011

small group

Last night we met with our couples small group for the first time.  We are so excited and think it's going to be a great thing!! We go to a fairly large church so it's important to get involved in small groups to help establish the sense of community that we might miss out on otherwise. This group is really such an answered prayer since I have been praying for a small group that Jeffrey and I could connect with for a while.  There's even a couple in our group that has a little boy that is in Libbi's preschool class - how perfect is that?  We're going to be reading the book, Enemies of the Heart by Andy Stanley.  Has anyone ever read/heard of it?

I also had my first meeting with my women's small group this morning.  Again, there were some familiar faces and lots of new ones, too!  Libbi and Laney go with me and they enjoy it, too because they get to play with all the other babies (and there's a playground - Libbi is heaven). We are doing a study on Warrior Wives.  I've heard a lot about it and I can't wait to see all that The Lord is going to teach me through it!

While I am so excited for our Tuesday nights and Wednesday mornings this fall, I'm pretty sure that they're going to be both refreshing and stressful all at the same time.  Refreshing, because we will be making new friends, learning more about ourselves, and growing closer to the Lord.  Stressful, because I know that Satan is going to use every trick in the book to keep us from being where we need to be to accomplish all of those things.  I fully expect for Tuesday evenings to bring traffic making Jeffrey run late getting home, fussy babies that don't want us to leave, and more than likely lots of rain. :)  Since I'm on my own on Wednesday mornings, I'm definitely expecting TWO very fussy babies, not being able to find something to wear, and again - lots of rain. :)  My suspicions were proved correct just this morning!  

Libbi spent the night with Jeffrey's mom last night, so I only had one baby to worry about, but it was still an eventful morning.  We were already running a little late because Laney took a morning nap (at an unusual time). I had just enough time to get her dressed and head out the door. As soon as I got Laney dressed, she had a major blowout all over her clothes.  I had to bathe her, change her, and redress her.  I laid her down on our bed so I could get my shoes on, and I heard the unmistakeable sound of her exploding once again.  This time, it was all over her clothes and our bed!  I cleaned it all up, cleaned her up, changed her clothes again and contemplated just calling it a day. :)
But, I knew where I needed to be and at that moment it was not at home doing laundry.

We made it to small group, albeit late, but we made it and that's what counts!  

These next few months are going to be full of obstacles I'm sure, and there will always be an easy excuse not to go or not to spend time in my study, but I'm praying that I will have the perseverance to see it through!  My prayer is that I will learn so much during these next few months that it will help me become a better wife, mother, daughter, and friend!  
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