Tuesday, November 29, 2011

christmas jammies, magic, and a princess

Since Thanksgiving has passed and December is quickly approaching, we felt it only necessary to "officially" break out the Christmas jammies (even though they've "unofficially" been in the rotation for a while already) :)

Is it sad that I bought Laney a 12month and Libbi a 2T? :)
Oh how we love our chunky Lay-Lay girl! She sure is a jolly little thang!
I love that our girls are starting to interact more and more. Libbi has figured out that she can make Laney laugh. Of course, more often than not she sounds like a dying car while trying to get a laugh out of Laney, but it is sweet of her to try.
Libbi's interests change so often these days. We were on an elmo kick, then it was dinosaurs, mickey/minnie mouse, babies, all her "stuff" (aka a huge collection of crap that she carried around everywhere) and now she's moved onto being a "pin-cess" and carrying around her "magic."
Since we don't do Harry Potter read alouds before bed and I'm pretty positive that there is no "magic" in the her little Bible or Mickey Mouse books I'm not really sure where she got all this "magic" info. The only thing I can figure is she picked it up from Abby's Flying Fairy School (which oddly enough very rarely holds her attention).

She carries around her magic wand and casts spells(?) on everyone. Every transformation begins with Libbi saying (in her most thoughtful tone) "hmmmm....let me think about that...." and then she just recites some sort of mumbo jumbo, snaps her wand and says, "You a frog!" or "You a butterfly!" and then expects you to act accordingly. A few moments later, she recites the (exact same!) mumbo jumbo, snaps her wand and says, "now you momma!" or "now you lay-lay!" ;-) and you can breathe a sigh of relief because you have magically been returned to your original state.

Of course her "magic" would not be complete without the entire accessorized ensemble. She wears her crown everywhere she goes....restaurants, bed, church, etc. She puts it on and says, "I'm a pin-cess" and proceeds to do a little shimmy and shake. What a sweet little princess she is! :) Unless she happens to misplace her wand and then she can be heard screaming, "WHERE'S MY MAGIC?! I LOST MY MAGIC!!!" Guess the gift of supernatural vision is not in her magical repertoire (neither is patience for that matter).

And it must be said...
If she's the princess, doesn't that make ME the QUEEN? :-)

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