Friday, December 2, 2011

what we've been up to...

We've been back in the swing of things after a week off for Thanksgiving. Libbi went back to school, Bible Study met again, and Jeffrey had to work all week. 

I made Libbi this tree after seeing it on pinterest. I just bought some cheap, green felt from Hobby Lobby (I think it was 1.99/yd?) for the Christmas tree and then used some felt that I had leftover from my kindergarten days for the "ornaments."  I had a big bag of cheap stick on bows, too so I put a little piece of velcro on the back of them so they'd stick to the tree.
Libbi had fun decorating her tree. She was so funny...she'd put a few ornaments up, step back and say, "'s missing two." Then she'd add a few more and step back to size it up again and say, "There! Per-fet!" I have no idea where she got this from...we have yet to put up our tree at home, so I'm not sure if she's ever actually seen anyone decorate one! :)
Libbi has a Fisher Price little people santa race track. She enjoyed racing her cars on it for a while (who'd a thunk it?!) but now she is obsessed with using pieces of the track as skates. No matter how many times I tell her not to, she can't resist stepping on those pieces and sliding around the room. It wouldn't be so noticeable if she didn't recite, "'kate, 'kate, 'kate" every time she attempted to slide her feet.
I would love to have my house decorated for Christmas, but it just hasn't happened yet. I really wanted to deep clean before I decorated, but now I'm thinking I may just decorate in order to hide the mess - ha! :) It's hard enough to clean with two little girls underfoot, I dread the thought of having boxes of Christmas decorations within their reach. I am not really in the market for any decorating assistants (especially those age 2 and under).
Our house may not be Christmafied just yet, but that doesn't mean our wardrobes can't be! We've definitely broken out all the Christmas outfits and jammies. They're some of my favorite pieces!! I think they're Libbi's favorites, too because for the first time in a looooong time, we aren't having battles over getting dressed in the morning. She's so excited to put her clothes on since they have Santa or gingerbread men or Christmas trees on them. 
I have to brag on Libbi for a minute. It's probably not a big deal to anyone else, but I thought it was so smart! The other day she was "makin' sumfin" and when she finished and told me to look I was so impressed. She had lined up all her blocks and animals and tried to match the color of the block to the color of the animal. (I helped her with the blue one because she couldn't find anything blue, but the rest was all her!) I love the way her little mind works!!
We made a list of the Top 25 things we want to do this Christmas. I'm so excited to start checking things off our list! I love Christmastime!! 
Finally, yesterday when we got home from picking Libbi up at school, I deposited both girls in the living room and I had to take a quick potty break. I thought Libbi went into the playroom, but when it got quiet I started to worry. I could see Laney (yes, the door was open. Sorry TMI, but I have two little ones...privacy is not in my vocabulary) but I could no longer see Libbi. I called out, "Libbi??? What are you doing?" She quickly answered, "I jus' doin' spinkles (sprinkles) momma!" I thought, "sprinkles?!?! what???"
I quickly found out that she was, in fact, "jus' doin' spinkles." I found her with a large bottle of red glitter in her her shaking, sprinkling, precious little hand....
it wasn't open, but that didn't matter. It was all over the stairs, the floor, the living room, her toys, she even filled Daddy's shoe! She was SO proud of herself. She kept saying, "oooh, it so pitty!" Honestly, I was just super thankful that it wasn't all over Laney. 
never a dull moment I tell ya :)
Hope y'all have a great weekend! We're off to celebrate my mom's birthday (Happy Birthday, Mimzy!!) and get our Christmas tree. I'm sure more fun awaits us! :)
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