Thursday, April 12, 2012

two sticks...

laney james.... you are ELEVEN MONTHS OLD (aka "two sticks" get it???) ;-)
har har. you'll learn that corny jokes are the norm around here. and you'll learn to love them. and tell them. :)
i think we have a problem this month....i have entered into a serious stage of denial that you are just a month away from turning one. how in the world has it been almost a year since you were born?!  you still seem like my little bitty baby. when i look at pictures of libbi at 11 months, for some reason she seems so much older than you...and it's fine by me...i would keep you my baby forever!
this month you've really started to become aware of more and more. you know when your daddy and i are nearby and when we're not. especially me. girl, you can turn on the tears in no time!
you are THE happiest baby when you want to be and can also be THE fussiest baby when you choose. i had thought you might be our laid back, easy going baby (since your sister is NOT) but it looks like you have just as strong of a personality/will as she does. i guess some might say it's hereditary :)
you have eight teeth (four on top and four on bottom) and i think your molars are already starting to come in!
{side always have a bump or scratch of some sort on your face these days....the mark of a true climber}
you are still not a great sleeper. you slept through the night last night for the second time (that's right, the SECOND) in your whole life. two nights in eleven months you've slept for 12 hours straight. the other 300ish nights you've woken up at least every three hours.
right now some of your favorite things are: pizza (ha!), momma, libbi, anything you can chew on, swinging at the park, and being chased. you LOVE to be chased or to "get" someone else. Libbi thinks it's hilarious when you try to get her. She'll start running and we'll say, " get her lay-lay!" and you will just take off. it is so funny to watch. you're nowhere close to catching her, but she laughs, you laugh, and we laugh, so it's all good. :)
you've stood up on your own (without pulling up on anything) a handful of times. the first time you did it, we almost missed it. it was on master's sunday (also known as easter sunday this year) and we were watching the guys putt on the last hole. i turned around and there you were, in the middle of the floor just standing up. there was not a thing around you, so i know you didn't pull up on anything. i couldn't believe it! i know you can though, because you did it three more times today.
you love pushing things across the room and you'll sometimes walk while holding our hands. i know it won't be long before you're walking on your own. i'll be surprised if you're not walking on your own by your first birthday.
you love, love, love to flirt with your daddy. he is the only other person that you will willingly "go to" without me having to pry you from my arms. when he walks in the door from work, you get so excited and your little face lights up. your highchair is next to daddy's chair at the supper table and you will make eyes at him and smile at him the entire time we're eating. when he talks to you or tries to make you laugh, you put your head down and smile like you're so bashful. it's the cutest thing!
you say a few words: ma-ma, da-da, hey, bye-bye, and you're working on ni-ni (night night). my favorite (besides ma-ma, of course) is when you say, "hey" because you draw it out and always, always say it with a huge toothy grin..."heeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyy" ;-) you love to wave and will wave hi and bye bye to everyone.

Laney James, you are just the sweetest thing and we are so so thankful for every day that we have with you! I pray that you will continue to learn and grow every day and know that we love you and your sister more than anything on this earth!
Thank you Lord for our precious blessings!

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