Sunday, June 10, 2012


june so far.... in numbers. :) 

13.... months old on Monday!

12.... the number of months it took Laney to master the sippy cup (hallelujah and thank you, Jesus!)

11.... o'clock. Laney wakes up at 11pm every.single.night. sometimes she stays awake, sometimes she goes right back to sleep. we just never know. :)

10.... days until Libbi's 3rd birthday

9.... family members that have birthday's in June. The girls are sure to expect cake at every family function from here on out. 

8.... days until my 30th bday (yikes!)

7.... weeks after i ordered this pillow for laney it finally arrived. it was completely worth the wait and i'm so excited for libbi's to get here, too! 

6.... weeks exactly between laney and libbi's birthdays. we have a one year old and a two year old for six weeks. 

5.... accidents we've cleaned up over the weekend. (potty training regression, anyone?)

4.... days left to enter the shabby apple giveaway!

3.... people asleep in my house right now. late nights are my only "quiet times" so i tend to stay up later than every one else. (see also #11)

2.... of those sleepers will inevitably wake up at least once before the night is over. 

1.... day until Laney has tubes put in her ears....which we're hoping might solve #11 and #2. :) We would love it if you would pray for a quick and easy procedure and some relief from all of these ear infections for poor laylay!

0.... the number of meals Laney can have after midnight the night before her surgery. (see #11 and #2  to know why this makes me so nervous). We would love it if you'd pray for a full belly, a calm spirit, and a content baby as we wait for her procedure to take place tuesday morning. 

and if you made it to the end of this countdown.... 
here's one more little picture that made me smile. i'm afraid that there are some days, i feel like this more times than i can count. our girls know how to scream. and they know how to scream loud in public. haha! :) 

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