Wednesday, August 15, 2012

wednesday lovin'...

a few things i'm loving lately....

my silhouette cameo! i'm still figuring things out and trying to get the hang of it. i still ruin more than i accomplish - ha! but i'm getting there. jeffrey laughs at me for watching the youtube videos and tutorials, but i'm so thankful for them! what did we do before technology?! (i guess people had to resort to *gasp* reading the instruction manual!) ;-)
here's a few things i've made and/or essentially just labeled all fancy like...

lap desks for the girls:

the "school days" burlap door hanger (tutorial HERE)

art supplies caddy:

tshirt for a new baby cousin (more on this later):

a prayer "can" (more on this later):

i've asked jeffrey if there is anything he'd like me to "label" for him, but so far he can't come up with anything he owns that is screaming to be personalized. maybe i'll just surprise him ;)

i'm loving a new facebook page started by a friend of a friend: the paper dolls. i've seen many of her party favors, printables, and decorations. y'all. they are just TOO cute!!! and guess what?! if you head on over and "like" the paper dolls on facebook, you can get a link to this free printable! 

look at these adorable back to school gifts my friend randi made with them! 

i'm LOVING my "big fat payment" that i just got from ebates. if you don't use ebates, you are missing out!! every time i shop online, i just click through ebates first, and i automatically get CASH BACK. every three months, they cash out your account and write you a "big fat check" (or in my case, deposit it in my paypal account). easy money! 
this is a screenshot of my actual email!
if you haven't signed up yet, you can sign up through my link HERE (and be eligible for a gift card after you make a purchase PLUS cash back!) if you have any questions, be sure to let me know. i'll be happy to answer them for you! here's another post explaining it in more detail if you are still unsure (click HERE).

i'm loving that the countdown is ON for our beach trip. it can't get here soon enough!!! libbi asks every day if it's time to go to "the frog beach" :)
i'm loving that there are only 17 more days until football season!! i am bound and determined to make it to more games this year than i did last year (so if i make to exactly...ONE...then i'll achieve my goal. setting the bar high, y'all.)
{cute shirt made by my friend hether. check her out at ditsy daisy boutique (don't worry, laney has one, too!)}

and as usual, i'm loving these two precious girls. they make each day fun (and sometimes crazy!) but i wouldn't have it any other way!

happy wednesday, friends! :)

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