Thursday, August 9, 2012

oh, libbi...

so many times throughout the day, i find myself just shaking my head and saying, "oh, libbi..." haha. that girl is such a mess.

one of my favorite things about her these days is her vivid imagination. she can come up with all kinds of characters and scenarios; and you better believe she puts on some oscar worthy performances.
half the time i have NO idea where she even gets some of her "material" so i'm caught somewhere between laughter and confusion. (it's also a GREAT reminder that little eyes are ALWAYS watching and little ears are ALWAYS listening).

the other day i was in the kitchen fixing supper and she rode by on her scooter (olivia style) and asked for a piece of cheese. i had just put the last slice on the macaroni and cheese i was preparing and so i told her we were out of cheese. she looked at me in shock and said, "no more cheese?! what a CATASTROPHE!"
huh?! where did she learn THAT word?!
she loves to have babies in her tummy and she's convinced that when I was a little baby, i was in HER tummy. she tells me this often. she'll play and ride her scooter with her baby doll tucked safely in her shirt. she says that her "baby's not ready to come out until she's big like yay-knee."
and i'm not really sure what's worse: the fact that she's a 3yr old pretending to be pregnant or that while doing so she looks like a 3yr old that could use a good underwire.
we were running into a store the other day to pick up a few things. we walked past the aisle that held all the "undergarments" and libbi stopped in her tracks. before i could usher her along, she grabbed a bra and yelled out "i know what this is, momma! this is so no one see's you boops." and then she proceeded to hold it up against her and say, "i like this pink one. i can wear it on my tummy just like this..."
she loves to say, "it's fine" and "i don't mind."  but she doesn't always use them appropriately. she'll often say, "can i have a snack? i don't mind." or "i can have chocolate milk with my supper. it's fine."
libbi has called laney "yay-knee" for awhile now (even though we still call her laylay) but here recently she's taken to referring to her as "my sister" (except she can't pronounce her r's). for some reason it's just so funny to me when she calls her "my sister" when she's talking to me. she'll say, "momma, my sister wants to come with us." or "daddy, can my sister have a turn, too?" one day jeffrey was playing with laney and he said, "you're a little stinker!" libbi was quick to reprimand him, "she's NOT a stinker, she's MY SISTER!" :)
libbi knows all of our full names, but for some reason she pronounces her last name different from the rest of ours. If she's saying my name, jeffrey's name, or laney's name she pronounces our last name as, "tippins." but when she says HER full name, she's ALWAYS "libbi jane Pitt-tins."

she has a slight flare for the dramatic (i have NO idea where she gets this!) ;-)
the other day she had to go to time-out and upon sitting down, she yelled out, "i need to get out of here, THIS PLACE IS TERRIBLE!" needless to say, it didn't work :)
libbi has been in her "big-girl-bed" for a few months now. the transition was very easy and she's done really well....for the most part. she's about 50/50 for naps these days, but she still has a mandatory "rest/quiet time" even if she doesn't sleep. most days she uses this time to read, sing, play with her baby doll in her bed. other days she uses this time to try on every speck of clothing she owns and "surprise" me with her fancy outfits. 
{a libbi orginal outfit}
{another libbi original outfit...and for the record, her bloomers are on backwards...we don't typically emblazon her name across the front ;)}
we also went through a phase where she would strip her bed. after a few days of this, i finally said, "libbi, WHY do you keep taking the sheets off your bed?!" to which she calmly replied, "oh, sorry momma. i just 'fought you wanted to wash 'em" it's so nice to have such a helpful daughter ;)
some days when she actually naps, i find her in the strangest places.... but, hey - whatever works, right? ;-)
yes, she IS asleep under there....
what's that they say about marching to the best of your own drum? :)
i'd say she's got that one down.
and finally, one of my all-time favorite things is when she says (to me), "i love you big so much. you my best girl in my whole life." ;-)

and i have to say, i love her "big so much" too ;)

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